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Frequently asked questions

We love to keep in touch with our clients and visitors, for your ease please find below some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Is quranclassonline.com Affiliated with any Religious Group or Party ?

Quranclassonline.com is an E-learning campaign of Solutionz247 which is a multinational Software research group having its offices in England and Pakistan. Quranclassonline.com is a Non-Partisan campaign which is NOT affiliated with any Mosque, Madrassa, Religious Group, Firqa, and any Political or Religious Party. We have formal corporate organizational structure & policies for routine operations. We conduct pre-employment background screening of our administration, support staff and Quran teachers. All our online Quran lessons are recorded and quality control staff listen these recordings for quality & screening.

What if class is missed by the company?

Quranclassonline.com will arrange alternate class if class is missed by the company.

What happens if client want to go for 10+ holidays?

According to company policies it’s a must to submit 50% of the total fee if client is planning for 10+ holidays.

What is the duration of one to one class?

Each class duration is 30 minute / student.

Can my time be partially used by someother family member?

5days / 3days and 2days subscription type are on per child basis. So if you sign up for one of the packages you sign up for one student which cannot be used by multiple students.

How much concession I will get if i have 1+ kids onboard from same family?

10% concession will be offered to you on your monthly fee if two or more kids from same family recites quran using our services.

How much do I need to pay in case I relocate from Pakistan to abroad or vice versa?

We monitor student skype call IPs on monthly basis before generating subscription invoice. Invoice are generated as per the currency of their current IP location. If a student from Pakistan stays more than four weeks abroad. he / she will have to pay the fees of their current location (country) after four weeks. Policy is vice versa for the students relocating from abroad to Pakistan permanently.

How much concession I get if i refer some family to Quranclassonline.com?

Upon referring one family you get one time 50% off on your monthly fee. If you refer two families you get 50% off on your monthly fee twice, so when ever you refer a family you get one time 50% off on your upcoming monthly fee subscription.

What are the mode of payments we accept?

We have business relation / company's official account with HSBC BANK , BARCLAYS BANK. We also accept on-line payment using PAYPAL and 2CHECKOUT. You can also send us payment via Western Union and Money express.

What is the fee refund policy?

1) We collect fee in advance and incase of excess payment by chance or problems from our side payment will be refunded accordingly.

2) If you are not 100% satisfied with our services your just have to inform us via email or phone call and your money will be refunded within 7 working days., we will fully refund the cost of your order.

3) For complaints related to financial matters you can drop us email any time on finance@solutionz247.com / ayesha@solutionz247.com

What is our Late fees policy (updated on Feb 2107)?

1) As we have mentioned earlier that we collect fees in advance and generate monthly subscription invoices on 25th of every month. Last date of regular fee submission is 5th of every month. Our financial software autometically generate a reminder email to our clients on 3rd. Every business has a payment cycle and in case you are not able to deposit fees well with in the time frame 0.50 cents / late day will be added to your next month's fee voucher.

2) For complaints related to financial matters you can drop us email any time on accounts@solutionz247.com / ayesha@solutionz247.com