Quran Memorization - (Hifz)

    This course is for students who are interested in becoming Hafiz of Quran. This course will guide the student through all the necessary step that are required on a daily basis to memorize and retain the Quran. The course will be taught by qualified Huffaz. The students will be given a set schedule that will help the students in memorizing new verses and at the same time revise what they have already memorized. The total duration of Hifz varies depending on a number of factors including the time and effort that each individual puts.

    We provide very simple and effective methodology that a student can memorize Quran by giving very less time. A school going student can also achieve this great task if he/she have a determination and interest to learn Quran by heart. In-Shaa-Allah. Join us to Memorize Quran online program.

    What you will learn on daily basis

    • New lesson consist of some new verses as per student's productivity
    • Revision of the old lesson
    • Random verse revision

    Virtual classroom & E-learning Software

    All of our courses are conducted online with one on one Real time tutoring. There are no group sessions so a teacher can concentrate on each student individually. Maktab is our patent E-learning software for teaching Quran online having following features:

    • Online digital quran
    • Call recordings
    • Daily lesson data entry which is accessable by teacher, parents & qaulity department
    • PC activity monitoring tool on teacher's end